I’ve been married for many years now, and my marital relationship provides no end of fodder for considering the delightful, aggravating, and absurd aspects of the male-female relationship.  I’m not just talking about how my spouse behaves, but how I find myself responding.  Laughing, really, at how naturally I can fall into the old gender roles (but by no means always!).

The many faddish theories about men and women are fascinating.  Gender, a mere social construct?  Men from Mars and women from Venus?  Leather and Lace?  But then we’re not supposed to stereotype.  After all, there are plenty of sensitive men and brutish women.

And where do these differences come from?  Our bodies, yes.  Not just the shape of them and the gender-specific organs — but all of the brain wiring and hormones and hormone receptors.  And then there’s the soul–is that male or female as well?

This is the subject of my debut novel, Falling As She Sings.  I hope that if you’ve found your way to this site, it’s because you’re intrigued enough to find out more.

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